Red Ipocras

In 16th century England, Ipocras, both white and red, was a drink of the highest nobility. At a time when both sugar and spices were rare and precious, Ipocras was reserved for the use of royalty at the most precious ceremonial occasions. Indeed, Ipocras was the libation presented by the Lord mayor of London to Queen Elizabeth I at her coronation. Ipocras (the name derives from Hippocrates) is very sweet and is generously flavored with several of the spices popular in old England. These include ginger, cinnamon, and clove, and they leave a wonderfully warm and lingering aftertaste. Fortunately, we live in a time where the makings of Ipocras are not so dear, and it may now be partaken of by the lesser nobility as well as you and me. We at Johnson Estate were inspired to produce Ipocras to celebrate the commissioning of the Sea Lion, an authentic replica of a 16th century merchant ship which was built on Chautauqua Lake in Mayville, New York.
Storage:  Fine wine is best stored away from strong light at a cool even temperature. A partial bottle should be recorked, refrigerated and consumed within a week or else used for cooking.

Aging:   Although it may hold up well with aging, we would suggest that Ipocras be consumed promptly.

Serving Temperature:   Ipocras is astonishing and delightful at any temperature from over ice to warmed like mulled wine. Customarily, however, Ipocras is served at room temperature.

Serve With:  
Ipocras was traditionally a ceremonial wine served at high occasions. It is, however, delightful when gently sipped by itself.  When mixed with ice, soda water, and a twist of orange, White Ipocras makes a wonderful spritzer. Red Ipocras puts a wonderful twist to heated cider in the colder weather. Ipocras is a natural complement to the traditional American holiday feasts of turkey, ham, or pork. It is also delicious with pumpkin pie or spice cookies and cake.
Grapes Used:  Concord, Chancellor

Residual Sugar:  9.0%

Residual Sugar: 9.0%
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