2012 Freelings Creek Dry Riesling

The 2012 Dry Riesling is crisp and has a nice mineral finish.  It is the essence of 'terroir" here in western New York.  The Beverage Testing Institute awarded this vintage 90 points (the 2011 vintage earned 92 points).

Storage:  Fine wine is best stored away from strong light at a cool even temperature. A partial bottle should be recorked, refrigerated and consumed within a week or else used for cooking.
Aging:  While  Riesling is very enjoyable if consumed within a few years of vintage, it will, with proper storage, continue to improve in the bottle for three or more years.
Serving Temperature:   Riesling can be served either chilled (about 45 F), but not cold, or at cellar temperature (about 57 F) for greater fragrance and flavor. Fine dry wines should never be served over ice.
Serve With:  Dry or creamy cheeses, fish dishes. 
Grapes Used:  Riesling. The Riesling vine is hardy and resistant to disease.  It is a relatively shy cropper and ripens late, but it continues to develop even in fairly cool autumns.
Residual Sugar:  less than .5 %


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