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December 2016: What's New?  QUINCE!      
Fred insists that we just call it Quince with an exclamation point!  Maybe because he can't seem to get enough of it for dessert, served poached with liberal amounts of cream.  He learned to eat quince as
a child since his English grandfather always had a quince tree or two here on the farm for his own consumption.  Although popular in the Colonies, quince orchards are now somewhat rare in the United States.  Fred and Jennifer have planted three varieties, providing quince for Fred's dessert with cream, but also sufficient quantities for Jennifer to make quince paste to pair with cheese and wines and to sell in the winery.

What's Quince?
Quince trees (Cydonia oblonga), of the apple or "pome" family, are native to the Caucasus mountains of Georgia, Armenia, and northern Iran/Persia.  The hard, sometimes fuzzy, fruit is apple or pear-shaped and the green skin turns bright yellow when ripe.  Its whitish-yellow flesh truns a beautiful ruby-orange color when cooked.  Quince fruit is high in pectin and has a unique sweet-tart and floral flavor which is perfect in preserves, jams or jellies, and quince paste.  Known as "dulce de membrillo" in Spain, quince paste is a thick, sliceable jam, often served with Manchego cheese. 

Johnson Estate Wine & Cheese Pairing Suggestions:
Chardonnay + Reverie Creamery's Gitane + Quince Paste
 Marechal Foch + Goat Cheese + Quince Paste
Chautauqua Rouge + Sharp Cheddar + Quince Paste
Liebestropfchen + Manchego + Quince Paste